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  • Our firm represents clients injured through malpractice, hospital acquired infection and other medical mistakes. In a hospital you expect care that will help you heal and feel better — not worse. A recent announcement by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) revealed administrative fines levied against three area hospitals for actions that caused injury… Read More »

  • Gone in an Instant: Wrongful Death

    On July 7, Earl Smith Jr., a 20-year-old Oceanside man, was driving his Toyota Corolla eastbound on Old Castle Road at 6:15 AM. At the same time, an elderly couple from Valley Center was heading the same way, a regular sight walking hand in hand on Old Castle Road. The screech of brakes and the… Read More »

  • After an 11-hour flight from Seoul, South Korea, passengers and crew aboard an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 bound for San Francisco were looking forward to an uneventful touchdown that was not to be. With 307 souls aboard, the plane nearly stalled short of the runway resulting in a rough landing that ripped the tail, landing… Read More »