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  • A woman passed away Sunday, September 11 after being struck by three different cars in Linda Vista, California. Afterwards, investigators began the hunt for the three different drivers who reportedly failed to stop after hitting her. The 48-year-old woman was walking across the street near the intersection of Linda Vista Road and Mesa College Drive… Read More »

  • According to the San Diego County District Attorney, everything about an accident on Interstate 15 that resulted in the death of a grandmother and toddler in mid-September is under review. Although no charges were initially filed against the accused drunk driver who was arrested after the crash, the DA did not rule out the office… Read More »

  • In many states, parents are considered responsible for the driving behavior of their children. When you let your children use a family car, you do so at your own risk, knowing you could be liable for accidents, injuries or property damage they cause.   The following are a few legal theories and laws you should… Read More »