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  • As you shop for a new motor vehicle, one of the areas you’re most likely to look at is crash test safety ratings. These scores come from insurance companies and the federal government, and offer valuable looks into the kind of protection a car provides to its occupants. However, these ratings do not necessarily tell… Read More »

  • In every single state across the country, healthcare providers are required to provide you with copies of your medical records when you request them. These medical records could include your personal medical history, an overview of your family’s medical history, general information about your personal lifestyle, results of lab work and physical exams, prescribed medications,… Read More »

  • The most common medical errors have to do with diagnoses rather than surgical or medication mistakes. These errors may include missed, delayed or incorrect diagnoses, each of which comes with unique issues. Although some diagnosis errors are minor and can be corrected right away, others can have long-term health risks and lead to permanent disability… Read More »