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Motorcycle Accident Blog Post

Common Motorcyclist Injuries and the Gear That Helps Prevent Them

California has seemingly endless expanses of open road for bikers to take advantage of. Motorcycle riders also take advantage of great weather to use their bikes as means of daily transportation. No matter how bikes are being used, however, their riders are at risk of injury from accidents, because bikers have little to protect them from the dangers of the road. By wearing proper equipment, these risks can be reduced.

Because riders’ heads can collide with vehicles, the ground, or other surfaces, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious danger. Motorcyclists suffer concussions, diffuse axonal injury (DAI) and other forms of head trauma that can cause long-term damage or death. A helmet can seriously reduce the risk of head injuries, but it cannot eliminate them altogether.  California law requires all motorcyclists and passengers to wear a helmet.

One of the most common injuries to bikers is known as road rash, which happens when riders slide across the ground when falling from their bikes. Nearly any part of the body can be damaged in this way. Unprotected or underprotected flesh is ripped, torn and grated away as the rider moves across the pavement. Road rash can tear through skin, muscle and even bone. Proper protective gear, including armor, can seriously reduce the risk of this type of damage.

Motorcyclists also suffer frequent damage to their hands, wrists and arms, particularly when they attempt to break their fall. As the bones in the hand and wrist absorb the full impact of the rider’s speed and fall, they may fracture or shatter. Wearing high-quality gloves can help protect the biker, and gloves with reinforced slide points on the palm and knuckles can allow the rider’s hands to glide across the pavement instead of absorbing the full impact of a fall.

If a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence or actions of someone else has caused you or a family member to suffer catastrophic injuries, you may have rights under the law to seek compensation. Consult the San Diego civil trial lawyers at Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire to learn more.

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