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Car Accident Blog Post

On the Road: When Gestures Mean Something Different

As distracted driving continues to raise the country’s death toll, automobile manufacturers are looking to natural user interfaces to keep the hands and eyes of drivers on the road.

What is a natural user interface?  Clicking an icon on a computer or cellphone screen to navigate the software or turn down the volume is common. In the cab of a car, use of these graphical user interfaces (GUIs) takes time, effort and visual interaction when attention should be on the road.

Natural user interfaces (NUIs) are processes that rely on human gesture. The swipe of a hand or even the blink of an eye may direct your computer, smartphone and car of the future. Made possible by sweeping advancements in sensors, processors and cameras, the automotive industry is moving to increase the functionality and decrease the danger associated with using devices while driving.

Consider these points:

  • The development objectives of Google include not only Google Glass, but using gesture technology in cars. In October of last year, Google bought Flutter, a start-up business that developed software using webcams to interpret gestural directions. The same month, Google filed a patent on gesture-based controls for cars.
  • Microsoft and Apple are developing NUI for multiple devices, including cars.
  • In 2012, auto manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz demonstrated their idea of a gesture-driven car dashboard.

An increase in natural user interfaces in cars and other devices is certain. The question remains whether the cognitive, visual and physical attention needed to operate the software can reduce the dangers associated with distracted driving.

If you are seriously injured by a distracted or negligent driver in San Diego, speak with a skilled attorney.

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