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Personal Injury Blog Post

Simple Ways to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall cases are among the most common lawsuits that personal injury lawyers in California accept. Each year, approximately 8.7 million Americans receive emergency medical care for injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents. To raise awareness about this problem, the National Safety Council dedicated one week of National Safety Month (June) to publicizing these incidents. As part of this campaign, the council has created a list of simple ways to avoid slipping and falling.

Stay on your feet!

Most injuries caused by a slip and fall or a trip and fall can be prevented by being aware of surrounding conditions and wearing appropriate footwear. Inside the home, make sure there are no shoes or clutter left on the floor or in walkways. California personal injury attorneys frequently review cases where individuals have tripped over toys, footwear, remote control boxes, books and items that are left in improper places. Older individuals are more likely to suffer debilitating injuries.

Many trip and fall incidents occur at night or when light levels are low. To prevent injuries, make sure someone is responsible for picking up toys and clearing the floor at the end of the day.

Slippery floors are also treacherous. Rainwater, ice, oil and liquid spills can all create hazardous conditions inside and outdoors. Water hazards make certain places in homes and commercial buildings more dangerous than others. Severe slip and fall accidents are common in bathrooms. Many of these accidents involve senior citizens. In addition to wiping up water and spills, homeowners can install grab bars and non-slip floor coverings.

Places where pedestrians need to be particularly aware of their surroundings include stairways, corridors and foyers where hazardous conditions frequently occur. To avoid contributing to a slip and fall, keep walkways clear, and fix all defects immediately.

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