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Personal Injury Blog Post

Student Seriously Injured in Freak Soccer Goalpost Accident

An Eastlake Middle School student had to be airlifted from the school on Friday, March 20 after a freak accident involving a soccer goal post. According to witnesses, the student was trying to do pull-ups on the crossbar when the goal post fell on top of him. Medics were immediately called to the school to take the child to Rady Children’s Hospital with unknown injuries.

The student was trapped underneath the equipment. A teacher tried to pull out the child from underneath the goal, but strained her leg in the process. A spokesperson for the Sweetwater Union High School District said that these soccer goal posts are standard at every school, and they are never anchored down because they are meant to be moved around for different field setups.

An area soccer coach also said that these goalposts take quite a bit of effort to bring down, and that hanging on the post would constitute a major safety hazard. There was no word on whether schools are required to check soccer goal posts before recesses or if they were required to go over certain safety practices with students.

When students are injured at school, there is the possibility that parents can file personal injury lawsuits against the district if they are able to prove that the injury would not have occurred if the district or its staff members were not negligent. A lack of supervision during sports, for example, could be considered negligence on the part of the district.

However, filing a lawsuit against a school district comes with many inherent challenges. For the guidance you need during a difficult time, work with the respected San Diego personal injury attorneys at Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire.

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